Formal and Informal Coaching Crucial To Using Performance Reviews To Improve Employee Productivity

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One reason performance reviews are so reviled is that once a year managers comment on employee success and failure, and then promptly forget that there's a lot more to getting employees to operate more effectively.

Without the opportunity to learn, and to know what to learn, employees walk away from reviews with a lot of negative feelings, and little idea what they are supposed to do to satisfy the manager's expectations.

The Solution: Coaching

Many managers don't realize that they are probably already coaching employees, albeit informally, and that coaching need not be a formal process that consumes huge amounts of time. But it is a necessity, since employees can't possibly know what the manager wants without guidance, support, information, and skill building so they can meet manager's perceptions.

All Managers CAN Coach

Fortunately, virtually all managers with a pulse can coach at least informally, which is probably the best approach anyway. Sure, it's a good idea to read up on coaching methods, because we can all hone our skills in helping people learn and develop, though, so we've put together some free online resources and articles that might be of use.

Ultimately, though, remember that the investment in coaching will return a much larger return than the "investment" in reviewing performance. Couple them together and you can make a powerful impact and create the employees you want.

More Sources For Effective Coaching

The Feedback Loop: Effective coaching and performance recognition

By Donna Ronayne - Feedback is key. It's the process of giving and receiving information that is pertinent to the work being performed in real-time: information exchange. The goal of this exchange is to ensure that there is a common agreement of what good performance looks like. It provides information about the quantity, quality, and characteristics of work, and attempts to steer performance in the right direction. When done well and in a timely fashion, feedback is 'news one can use.' Viewed 1021 Times )

Big Dog's Performance Coaching Page

By Don Clark - An excellent overview of the performance coaching process, how it differs from training, and mentoring, and its usefulness in improving performance. Viewed 2144 Times )

Executive Coaching Is Hot!

By Thomas Leonard - Explains the value of executive coaching, but perhaps the most valuable part of the article is the explanation of how those being coached can get the most from the process. Viewed 1474 Times )

Four Ways to Build Trust in Employee Performance Reviews - Do You Meet Expectations

By Randy Conley - When it comes to building trust through performance evaluations, do you "meet expectations?" As we near the end of the year, many leaders are busy preparing and conducting annual performance reviews for their employees. I don't know of too many leaders who are overjoyed at the prospect of spending hours compiling data, completing forms, and writing evaluations for their team members. Most leaders I speak to look at performance reviews as a tedious and mandatory chore they're obligated to complete and they can't wait to have the review meeting, deliver the feedback as quickly and painlessly possible, and get on with their "real" work. Viewed 615 Times )

Interim Performance Coaching

By na - This dynamic process is a fundamental component to effective performance management. It works by assessing employee achievement not only by the goals set before him or her but by the circumstances under which the employee is working. By its very name - coaching - this review process does not take six or eight months to start working, but rather allows the supervisor to take a hands on approach to his or her workers, continually providing feedback that encourages the employee in the strengths demonstrated as well as giving constructive criticism in the areas that need improvement. Viewed 1204 Times )

Coaching Employees: A Delicate Balance

By PAUL B. BROWN - Many managers have no idea how to go about using coaching to improve employee performance, particularly if they come from technical fields. Here are some concrete steps to take in coaching employees. Viewed 1956 Times )

Employee Coaching: When Not To Step In

By John Reh - Interesting article that suggests when it's appropriate to step in and coach employees and when it is unwise to step in. Viewed 1751 Times )

Coaching employees to be their best

By Beth Earnest - Focuses on hiring and using external coaches to work with employees, and particularly with managers and executives. Viewed 2207 Times )

Tips for Effective Coaching

By Susan Heathfield - Managers can help employees improve or address performance problems if they develop and use some basic coaching techniques. This article presents some basic principle and coaching techniques for managers Viewed 1500 Times )

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