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Performance management and performance appraisal (or employee reviews, annual reviews, etc) are some of the most misused tools anywhere. A fortune is wasted on inept processes, poor forms, and result from mistaken ideas about what performance management is for, and why we do it. On this page you'll find articles related to all aspects of performance management and appraisal, authored by Robert Bacal. Bacal is author of several books (see below) on the topic including the following titles available at

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Employee Engagement And Leadership

The term "employee engagement" has been around for a decade now. In this section, we'll explore the pro's and con's of attempt to improve it, the relationships of "EE" to productivity, and why performance management may be a KEY to better engagement and productivity.

The SYSTEM Of Performance Management - The Components

If you want to increase productivity, employee engagement, and acrue the benefit from a performance management SYSTEM, you need to make sure that you include ALL the steps in the process. While it seems like doing so will take MORE time, it's the opposite. The time savings come from cutting down the time it takes to do your performance reviews.

New Performance Management and Appraisal Articles 2013

Performance Reviews - What Works? What Doesn't

Life would be much easier if we could identify one single variable that separates good and poor performance review processes. If there were just one essential difference, then all you’d have to do to move from poor to good would be to change that one thing. Unfortunately, it’s not like that. Effective reviews and ineffective reviews are different in many, many ways. If you want to improve them, you have to address most, if not all, of the ways in which they differ. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of performance reviews that make them more or less effective and increase or decrease the return on investment.

Classic Articles On How To Make Performance Reviews Effective