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Top : Employee Engagement - Employee engagement is a term coined recently to describe employees who are highly motivated to perform. It may be a new buzzword for the new millenium, but there's a good amount of research tied to identifying this possibly valuable concept regarding employee performance. Read more here.

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Employee Engagement: Folding Research Into Performance Reviews | PeopleMetrics

By PeopleMetrics - The folks over at Parature recently produced an infographic about the evolution of customer service channels over the course of the last few decades. They then combined that infographic with a series of other data points from various sources to produce an interesting piece. I've included the infographic below for your perusal and delectation. For regular readers of my blog you'll probably have picked up that, whilst I'm interested in new technology, I'm also a fan of not discarding older things that work just because a new, shiny object comes along. Viewed 616 Times )

Don't mention engagement to employees

By Vlatka Hlupic - From England, but it's equally applicable to employees in other countries. "Leaders must not forget that 'employee engagement' is still an alien and unwelcome term among workers. In the context of management strategy or organisational policy it has the ring of manipulation about it. Employees don't want to feel they are part of an engagement programme contriving to ensure they are more committed to the company and, consequently, will be more productive or give more of their time for free. It smacks of exploitation." Viewed 412 Times )

Employee engagement confusion still reigns

By Jenny Roper - Many will not find it amusing that despite some billion dollars invested in employee engagement, no agreement exists on what it is. Viewed 322 Times )

The open-ended question managers should ask their employees

By BRUCE CLARKE - Forget the employee engagement surveys, and ask this ONE question of employees, and take action on what you hear. Consistent with my approach to performance management where the role of the manager is to eliminate barriers to employee performance. Viewed 522 Times )

Employee Satisfaction And Employee Engagement Means Acknowledging Different Needs

By Nicole Fallon, - One reason why employee engagement efforts have failed is they fail to acknowledge that different employees are very different in terms of what "turns them on". Not a great article except that it points this out. Viewed 501 Times )

The Dos and Don'ts of Employee Surveys

By Alec Levenson - Well done article on the do's and don'ts of employee surveys. Bet you learn something here, but sadly, most surveys violate a number of the principles presented here. Viewed 522 Times )

Why Sustainable Engagement Is Built on Purpose|

By Karin Volo - Well defined "bigger purpose" essential to long term improvement in employee engagement, says this author and we agree. Provided it's linked to individual goals and job meaning, which is one way that performance management contributes to employee engagement. Viewed 530 Times )

New Research: The Top 10 Factors for Employee Happiness on the Job

By Jacob Morgan - Time to start taking this type of research with a grain of salt, since if you look at a few studies on this topic you'll find a lot of conflicting findings. And, confusion about the meaning of happiness and employee engagement, and employee satisfactions. Viewed 569 Times )

Employee Engagement: it's about autonomy, self-direction and purpose

By Jessamine Ringer - It's rare that companies base their EE strategy on sound understanding of employee psychology, but this company seems to be doing so by focusing on self-direction, autonomy and purpose. See what they DID in that direction. Viewed 609 Times )

15 Employee Engagement Truths Employers Ignore at Their Own Peril

By David Lee - Cut above the usual x things you must... there are some good suggestions here that cover a lot of the mistakes managers make in the quest to improve employee engagement. Viewed 492 Times )

Survey says...Are you measuring engagement, or only employee satisfaction?

By na - So first and foremost, we need to make sure we're measuring the right thing: engagement. Happy employees are simply that: happy. There's little statistical correlation between simple satisfaction and business performance. However, there's ample statistical evidence showing a significant correlation between engagement and business results. Viewed 1143 Times )

5 Things Employers Should Know about the Engagement of Gen Y Employees :: Delaware Employment Law Blog

By Molly Dibianka - mployee engagement differs between younger and older employees. Employers are trying to navigate the needs of Gen Y and, to some extent, Gen X employees. Learning how to attract and retain younger generation employees means understanding what it is about a workplace that these employees desire most. And, conversely, what things are most likely to be so unfavorable that they actually drive away the recruits you're trying to attract. Here are just a few of the differences between younger and older employees to keep in mind. Ask yourself whether your organization is making efforts to satisfy younger employees and keep them engaged. Viewed 1362 Times )

The Performance Improvement Blog: Temporary Employee Engagement

By na - Interesting little piece: a quote However, employers are experiencing a paradox. They want low-cost, transient employees and, at the same time, they want an involved and committed workforce. As companies hire more temporary employees and become more dependent on them as a critical part of the workforce mix, they will have to find ways to build their commitment to high quality work and involvement in the life of the company, in an environment where people are still reeling from mass layoffs, furlough days, and reduced benefits. What do you think employers can do to promote high engagement in the temporary part of a company's workforce given the current environment? Viewed 1044 Times )

In it for the Long Haul: The Top Three Factors

By Meghan M. Biro - Another vague, mom and apple pie approach. Yes, employee engagement is about emotion. Yes, companies have to make systematic efforts to create that emotional link, IF THEY CAN. Take a look at these three factors. Do they miss the boat? Could it be that it's not possible to improve engagement, but only to damage it by doing the wrong things? Viewed 482 Times )

4 essential ingredients of employee engagement to add in 2015

By Ceridian - The four principles espoused here are on the nose, but rather obvious. Think about how to transform these into concrete actions, and consider that performance management can help with all four Viewed 427 Times )

Why peer recognition is essential to employee engagement

By Derek Irvine - According to research findings, degree of peer recognition is linked to employee happiness. See the research summary and infographic here. What you should note is that peer recognition doesn't just happen but has its roots in hiring, culture, and leadership, which are much harder things to change. Viewed 638 Times )

Taxonomy of Engagement: Start With Equity

By Vincent Miholic - A hierarchical model of employee engagement -- based on Maslow's hierarchy. Viewed 384 Times )

Does Good Communication with Employees Mean All Employees Get Decision Making Rights?

By Dwight Lacey - I don't think the author actually goes very deeply on this topic, and in fact doesn't really answer it very emphatically. He focuses on good communication, and really doesn't address the realities of decision making in modern organizations. Viewed 418 Times )

How flexibility can boost waning engagement

By InsideHR - Australian study finds employee engagement is continuing to plummet in 2014, and suggests that flexibility and work-life balance are more important than compensation in the eyes of employees. Yet, EE is partly defined as whether employees will spend more effort, time, and go beyond the call of duty, which is the opposite of work-life balancing. Viewed 415 Times )

Employee Engagement. A Review of the Most Current Research

By na - Empirical research on employee engagement is relatively new. Employee retention has received the lion's share of the spotlight. This focus on retention however has spawned several studies on engagement - since retaining employees is dependent upon the need to engage them. Hence, engagement studies are beginning to take center stage. One of the most significant threads in the current research is the discovery that employee engagement is linked to customer satisfaction which is linked to organizational financial success. Employee engagement/satisfaction distinctly affects the bottom line. These findings are detailed in the studies referenced in this article. Viewed 1186 Times )

CIPD - Employee engagement factsheet

By CIPD England - This factsheet gives introductory guidance. It: considers what is meant by employee engagement and why organisations are interested in it; looks at how employers can build an engaged workforce; outlines findings of CIPD research includes the CIPD viewpoint. Viewed 1130 Times )

Employee Engagement Through Eco-Initiatives | PeopleMetrics Industry News

By PeopleMetrics - oo often, employee engagement is seen as little more than an added expense--many equate employee engagement with higher spending on benefits. This doesn't have to be the case. Our research has shown that many employees simply want to feel that their work matters--that what they do makes a difference. This feeling can be achieved on both an individual level, by thanking each employee for their hard work, and on a company-wide level, by rallying the troops for a cause. Viewed 663 Times )

Employee Engagement: What's Love Got To Do With It?

By David Facer - The thing about engagement is that you can't go at it directly. You have to work on the many conditions--some of which we used to call working conditions--that contribute to employees feeling stressed, fearful, and disinterested in the work. And Blanchard's research into Employee Work Passion and Optimal Motivation can be really useful to you here. Viewed 962 Times )

Research:Focusing On Key Results, NOT Perks, The Path To Employee Engagement

By Roger Connors and Tom Smith - Recent research suggests the best path to improving employee engagement has nothing to do with perks or games or pong tables, but has to do with presenting clear goals and Key Results Indicators To Employees (KPI). TWe've been saying that on this site for years. It's about helping employees create MEANINGFUL work. Viewed 369 Times )

The Next Steps: Engagement - Views on engagement

By Peter Crush - Whether staff are engaged or not depends on a variety of factors, such as age, sex, education, status and ethnicity. So what does HR need to do to keep its talent? asks Peter Crush Viewed 907 Times )

HR has a rosier view of levels of employee engagement than other managers Human Resources - News | HR News | HR Magazine | hrmagazine.co.uk

By David Woods - The views of HR managers on how the recession has affected employee engagement are at considerable odds with those of managers from other functions Viewed 990 Times )

Why your approach to employee engagement may be wrong

By Pope Ward - Interesting thoughts about employee engagement and how it might be going wrong. Speaks about fixed vs. growth mindsets. Viewed 357 Times )

Employee engagement - Express Computer

By Sudipta Dev - Why the concept of employee engagement has become so significant in IT organisations today. Viewed 1657 Times )

Moving the Needle on Employee Engagement and Commitment - Regina Barr

By Regina Barr - When it comes to employee engagement and commitment to an organization, most companies would agree that they 'have some, want more.' Why? This article offers suggestions to help get you started in moving the needle on employee engagement and commitment. Viewed 1384 Times )

Webinar: Using Performance Appraisals to Increase Employee Engagement and Reduce Frustration

By na - One hour webinar video on the link between using appraisals to increase employee engagement. Excellent idea, and worth the time investment to tie these together these two ideas. Viewed 533 Times )

How and Why to Help Employees Find Meaning in Their Work

By Sherrie Haynie - Forget about employee engagement. Think creating meaning of work for employees. That's how you create strong commitments from employees. Newest Additions Viewed 0 Times )

Reviewing the Literature On Employee Engagement

By andeep Kular, Mark Gatenby, Chris Rees, Emma Soane, Katie Truss - About twenty pages, this is a review of the literature on employee engagement, and paints a somewhat positive picture, lacking in critical analysis, except that they admit there is no single definition of employee engagement. Viewed 611 Times )

Gallup wants a fight with Leadership IQ but turns deaf ear to employees

By Mark Murphy - Must read to understand the billion dollar employee engagement industry, and it's damned ugly. Tell me these companies are unbiased in their research. Excerpt: Gallup dedicated a blog post last week to attacking Leadership IQ's recent study about how high performers are sometimes less engaged than low performers. The annual performance evaluation ratings were provided by the organizations and they decided what constitutes a "low performer" and a "high performer." We found was that in 42% of those 207 organizations (i.e. 87 companies), high performers were less engaged than low performers. Now, Gallup doesn't like this finding because it doesn't fit the engagement definition they've marketed for years. Gallup attacking Leadership IQ is no big deal (we're pretty tough here). But what sickens me is that Gallup is attacking real-life workers who are trying to speak their mind. Let's look more specifically at Gallup's shameful post... Viewed 655 Times )

The Evidence Supporting Employee Engagement

By Bruce Rayton - A terribly uncritical look at the evidence in support of Employee Engagement, but the thing to notice is that its published by a company that clearly makes its profits by being involved in the employee engagement industry. What else would you expect? Viewed 631 Times )

Report: Employee Engagement and Commitment A guide to understanding, measuring and increasing engagement in your organization

By SHRM - Published by SHRM this provides an orthodox and somewhat uncritical overview of the employee engagement construct, and attempts to provide some practical strategies for companies wishing to explore this. Viewed 611 Times )

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