How Can I Make The Best Use of Perfect Phrases for Performance Reviews : Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases That Describe Your Employees' Performance?

Perfect Phrases For Performance Reviews: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases That Describe Your Employees Performance was created to help managers and employees write comments during the employee review or evaluation process. The book contains a number of sections or categories, and within each there are a large number of phrases to use. For example, there are categories for accuracy, analytic skills, verbal communication skills, coaching, ability to meet deadlines, phone skills, etc.

To get the most from the book, it's important that you read the front matter, which contains instructions on how to use the book. If there's one thing or tip of the greatest importance, it's that the book should not be used in a cookie-cutter, or recipe type fashion. Use the many suggestions as a starting point, and modify them to suit, keeping in mind that the more details you can add to the descriptions of employee performance, and the more individualized the comments, the more likely you will be to improve employee performance.

There is also a tendency to use books like Perfect Phrases For Performance Review as a tool for managers only. Remember that the more you involve employees in the annual review process, the more successful you will be. Discuss any phrases you use, with the employee, or consider having the employee go through the book's sections relevant to the employee to choose the most useful phrases and descriptions.

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