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What's the evidence for... performance management?

By Rob Briner - Article doesn't really answer the question, but the process the author maps out might be useful as a tweak for thought. Viewed 245 Times )

How to retain good talent within any organisation

By Robert Delia - Short piece on what causes good talent to leave an organization and how to retain your best people. Look for the ties here to having a strong functional performance MANAGEMENT system, because the link is there. Viewed 305 Times )

Refining Performance Appraisal - EABRARS

By Thomas F. Patterson - From 1987 - It's amazing that so little has changed with performance reviews. "Performance evaluation," wrote Glueck, "is a personnel activity which, while not new, has not matured. Some significant studies have been done, but there are conflicting results, and a complete body of knowledge is years away."6 Further use and refinement of EABRARS will be a major step in the development of a performance appraisal system for Extension agents. EABRARS represents the beginning of a new wave of performance appraisal formats that must meet legal mandates as well as serve a variety of organizational purposes in identifying, measuring, and developing human performance. Viewed 637 Times )

The Case of the Performance Appraisal (Case Study Exercise)

By Santa Clara University (Ethics) - A case study exercise from a university course that you might find useful to stimulate your own thinking, use in training, or with managers. Viewed 513 Times )

Employee Performance Appraisal in the Public Sector: Uses and Limitations

By na - management is to ensure that an organization functions effectively and efficiently. In order to achieve these goals, managers must be able to determine and assess performance levels of both an organization and its individual employees. To this end, an appropriate system of measurement must be developed and applied. In his article "Employee Performance Appraisal in the Public Sector: Uses and Limitations," Dr. J. Edward Kellough discusses the need to measure performance and also the difficulty in selecting the most suitable approach for an organization. Effective appraisals must focus on proper performance criteria and standards... Viewed 640 Times )

Ten tips for dealing with performance management

By na - A new study conducted by a software company called Conversocial reviewed online responses to consumer Facebook complaints across Retail brands, and not so surprisingly they found less than stellar results. The 5 day study, revealed those companies that lead in supporting customers on Facebook vs. the laggards who are ignoring customers on Facebook. Here are the highlights found in the stud Viewed 566 Times )

Why so few performance reviews lead to any change

By Anne Fisher - 2013 study suggests that many employees get the same performance appraisal results year after year but many don't do anything different. Kind of telling. Here are some suggestions to translate reviews into action and change. Viewed 405 Times )

The System Design of Staff Performance Appraisal of LongSheng Company In China

By na - PhD work on the design of a staff performance appraisal system in a company in China. Viewed 583 Times )

Performance Reviews Get Negative Rating From Most Execs and Employees

By Martin Berman-Gorvine - Very brief article on research that suggests execs are not happy with their appraisal systems, which is interesting, since it's executives that aren't pushing to do reviews properly. Suggests asking the question: What is your proudest moment from the last year? Viewed 331 Times )

5 tips for managers to ensure FAIR performance appraisals

By na - Huge issue - fairness in performance review that concern managers and employees. Here are five things to do in search of fair review results. Viewed 355 Times )

A Company, LRN, Adopts Collaborative Management - NYTimes.com

By Dov Seidman - Fascinating article about how one CEO innovated to a self-government organization, complete with abolishment of appraisals. You have to read this. Viewed 479 Times )

An Easy Overview of Developmental Performance Appraisals and Your Career Growth

By Richard N. Stephenson - The performance evaluation and personal growth are two incompatible factors of the appraisal system. But, they are closely linked with strategies, processes, techniques and, code of conduct of appraisal goals and employee's judgement. The focus is on the psychometrics of performance ratings and on developing rating formats that promote accuracy. The overall success of an organization depends upon the performance of each and every member of staff. The motivation incentives should touch the table and the mind of each and every employee. An effort should be done to inspire employees to perform actions without compromising with the established standards Viewed 451 Times )

Measuring the Hard Stuff

By Jack Zigon - Every organization has it...hard-to-measure work. It may be the intangible "employee morale", or an "elegant" engineering design, or an "innovative" marketing plan. But just because it's hard-to-measure doesn't mean it can't be measured. Viewed 459 Times )

Managing Under-Performance

By Australian Ombudsman - Outstanding guide to managing the less productive employees, from the perspective of the Australian Ombudsman. Nice 20 page pdf. Viewed 437 Times )

How to Rate Yourself on an Employee Appraisal

By Chris Miksen - Filling out a self-evaluation is about as enjoyable as finding out you have a last-minute meeting to attend 20 minutes before you clock out for the weekend. Despite their rotten reputation, self-appraisals have a few upsides. They make you take stock of who you are as an employee and may indicate to management whether you have a solid handle on how you truly perform. A positive approach with emphasis on growth, improvement and success makes for the best self-evaluation Viewed 557 Times )

Employee Performance Reviews: Time for MSPs to Rethink HR? | MSPmentor

By Joe Panettieri - Check the recent headlines and you'll see MSP executives and staff members jumping from one employer to the next. The economy is improving. New career opportunities are opening up. And in some cases, managed services providers (MSPs) have done a miserable job providing career feedback to their team members. In short, it's time for many MSPs to rethink how they manage ongoing performance reviews - before key staff members head for emerging opportunities Viewed 572 Times )

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