Performance Appraisals and Culture

Top : Performance Appraisals and Culture - Performance appraisal is largely an American invention consistent with U.S. culture. Does national culture (or for that matter organizational culture) affect how and whether performance appraisals work? Of course. Read about cultural effects on performance management.

Performance Management Articles, Guides and Help:

The Results-Oriented Performance Culture

By na - The Results-Oriented Performance Culture system focuses on having a diverse, results-oriented, high-performing workforce, as well as a performance management system that effectively plans, monitors, develops, rates, and rewards employee performance. Viewed 2349 Times )

Annual Performance Appraisal and Evaluation in Indonesia - Cross-cultural business article by George Whitfield

By George B. Whitfield - hile generally adopted in most western-based business cultures, such employee review and appraisal in Indonesia can be fraught with misunderstandings as to purpose and methodology, be filled with accusations of impartiality, and be slowed by hesitation to formally criticize a subordinate. This issue comes up in easily 95 percent of my cross-cultural training programs. American companies normally wish to establish some sort of review procedure but once they begin addressing how to actually institute the process and decide what direct benefits they wish to see, they often become bogged down. The threshold question then is whether a foreign company should even try to implement such a system. There are several cultural barriers to such a system here. Among them is the difficulty with direct communication with employees and also the %u2018saving up%u2019 of problem areas until a later time. Viewed 2376 Times )

'Japanization' of a performance appraisal system: a historical comparison of the American and Japanese systems -- Endo 1 (2): 247 -- Social

By K Endo - A very short abstract of an article that explains the historical evolution of the Japanese approach to performance appraisal. Provides a reference to the performance appraisal source article. Viewed 2453 Times )

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