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Top : Best and Worst Performance Management Practices

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In the quest for designing and implementing an effective performance management system, we have a lot to draw upon.

Best Practices Can Help But...

We can look at companies that appear to have been successful in creating a process for employee reviews, and managing performance, that seems to have produced results. This is often call best practices, but here's a caution.

Best practices cannot be "transplanted" from one company to another and remain successful. The success of any best practice isn't just about the technical aspects or "nuts and bolts", but relies on the FIT between the system, and things like culture, leadership, business niche, and so forth.

You can't copy something from one place, unmodified, and expect it to work in the same way.

As you read though what follows, keep that in mind.

Learning From Performance Appraisal "Losers"

On the other hand, we have examples of some of the stupidest or ineffective methods -- examples of things backfiring or creating the exact opposite of the intended outcomes.

Yet, we can learn a lot, particularly if we combine best practices with knowing what NOT to do.

Best Practices In Performance Management And Losers - Worst Practices

Best Practices In Performance Management: Literature Review

By OSI - Journal type article and research based, learn about best practices in the field of performance management of employees. Viewed 700 Times )

Love and hate motivated GE chief executive Welch

By USA Today - Companies should love and nurture the top 20 percent of their employees, but actively weed out the bottom 10 percent, General Electric chief executive officer Jack Welch wrote in his 20th, and final, annual letter to shareholders last week. Viewed 4351 Times )

Stop the Bad MBOs - Three Case Examples

By Rex Black - Do you want to introduce a new objective to your organization that will help everyone who works for you? How about this: Stop destroying your team with bad MBOs. MBOs, or management by objectives, are commonly used as part of yearly performance reviews. In theory, the perfect set of objectives defines, in a quantified way, exactly what the employee is to achieve over the coming year. At the end of the year, in the annual performance review, the manager simply measures whether%u2014or to what extent%u2014the objectives were achieved. However, some management-by-objectives approaches backfire, often in dramatic ways. Let%u2019s look at three case studies of bad MBOs, how they negatively affected the team, and how the managers could have done better. Viewed 3355 Times )

Venting About Performance Appraisals or Performance Review Gamesmanship | AnalystForum

By na - An employee expresses frustration with the performance review process in his financial investment company. A good example of a company and process that is a complete waste of time and alienates people. It's just a children's report card. Viewed 615 Times )

National Partnership for Reinventing Government: Balancing Measures: Best Practices in Performance Management

By National Partnership for Reinventing Government - Why should you, a government leader, try to achieve a balanced set of performance measures%u2014or what%u2019s often referred to as a family of measures? Here%u2019s what we found in our research: Because you need to know what your customer%u2019s expectations are and what your employee needs to have to meet those expectations. Because you cannot achieve your stated objectives without taking those expectations and needs into account. Most importantly, because it works, as can be seen from the success of our partners. So you need to balance your mission with customer, stakeholder, and employee perspectives. How exactly do you go about doing this? These are the best practices we learned from our partners. Viewed 3301 Times )

The Code at Microsoft: What Have You Done for Us Lately?

By na - Microserfs or Ubermenschen, no one rests on their laurels in Redmond: Excerpts from The 12 Simple Secrets of Microsoft Management Viewed 2500 Times )

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