How Often Should My Performance Be Reviewed?

We suggest that a formal or semi-formal review of performance be done at least twice a year, since a once a year process isn't as helpful in helping you, the employee, modify or improve your performance, since often it's too late. Also, it's hard to remember what might have happened a year ago.

However, it's important that employees understand that while a more formal discussion about performance may only happen once or twice a year, it's absolutely imperative that there be ongoing communication about your job tasks and responsibilities all year long. In almost all cases that communication about performance, job tasks and expectations can occur in informal setting and in informal ways -- a kind of dropping in (by you or the manager) to talk about a specific problem or triumph, or to address a particular challenge.

It's easy to let things slide if you put all the responsibility for job communication on the shoulders of your manager. It really should be a joint responsibility.

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