Can You Suggest Any Short, Concise Material We Can Use To Train Employees in Performance Management & Appraisal?

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Most material on performance management and appraisal is written for managers and supervisors. Most material is also rather long and in book form, so it's not really suitable for use in shorter formal and informal training for employees in how to get the most from performance appraisals.

We've created a "cheatsheet" entitled Getting the Most From Performance Appraisals For Employees, that fits the existing need for short concise material to help employees learn their roles in the performance appraisal process. It's detailed enough to help guide employee behavior in appraisals, and is an excellent tool for use one-on-one (manager and employee), in group seminars, or it can be used as a handout that each employee receives a week or so before his or her appraisal meeting.

The cheatsheet for employees is available in printed form (sturdily laminated), or can be downloaded immediately upon purchase and printed out at your own site. Single copy price is low, and there's a significant discount for purchasers who want more than one copy. Bulk discounts go up to 55% off the original price.

There's a free preview available to, so you can decide if this will work with your employees. Here's the link

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