The Principles Of The Hooper-Bacal Method For Managing Performance

What Is The Hooper-Bacal Model?

A number of years ago, I had the opportunity to work for a new, fresh manager recently promoted to a Director position.

Sharon Hooper never talked about the methods she used to manage the performance of her staff -- she just did "what made sense". For most employees it worked well, there alwaysd being one or two exceptions who wouldn't thrive under any system.

More recently I've put together a series of articles, short guides and even some sample forms that explain the nuts of bolts of what she did, and why it worked and still works. In my view the approach, which I call the Hooper-Bacal Model is the best, smartest, simplest and cost economical way to help employee perform at higher levels.

The model is of my own construction, based on Sharon's practices. She might put it quite differently.

The Principles Applied

  • The emphasis is NOT on ratings, or rankings, or technology but on establishing personal, trustful relationships where manager and employee can discuss performance and how to improve it.
  • Focus on present and future.
  • Focus on diagnosis, rather than blame while maintaining accountability of both manager and employee for results.
  • Emphasis on creating clear goals and action plans up front, and revisted regularly during the year.
  • Openess to modify the system when it appears parts of it are working less than expected.
  • Kiss (Keep it simple, stupid!)
  • Dialogue is king. Reviews are true reviews, not the manager doing most of the talking. In fact, it's the reverse.

There are more principles that will jump out at you as you read the various articles below.

The Details of The Hooper-Bacal Model For Performance Management And Reviews

Barebones Sample Performance Management Form

By Robert Bacal - Everyone wants forms. Performance management isn't about forms, but here's an explanation of a basic system for setting goals, and documenting progress. Download it free. Viewed 252 Times )

Hooper-Bacal Performance Management Works WITHIN Existing Poor Systems

By Robert Bacal - By and large managers have to use the system of performance management that is often foisted on them without their input, and often it's just terrible. Here's how you can still use the Hooper-Bacal model even if your existing system is terrible. Viewed 219 Times )

Two FAIR and SIMPLE Methods To Tie Reviews To Pay Increases

By Robert Bacal - One question people have about performance management is how to tie reviews to rewards and pay increases in a fair and simple way. Here's how to do it. Viewed 224 Times )

A Different Way To Manage Employee Performance - The Hooper-Bacal Method

By Robert Bacal - The basics: Learn the steps in the process of managing employee performance humanely, simply, and constructively. Step by step simple. Viewed 241 Times )

Hooper-Bacal Performance Management: The Benefits

By Robert Bacal - Here's more on why all parts of managing performance have to add value to all the players, from employees, to managers, and right up the line to executives. Viewed 218 Times )

High Performance Employees and Hooper-Bacal Performance Management

By Robert Bacal - Everyone is talking about employee engagement but few realize the intimate link between EE and performance management. Here we explain how the Hooper-Bacal Model increases employee motivation Viewed 223 Times )

Adding To The Bare Bones Performance Management Worksheet

By Robert Bacal - Here are some suggestions about how you as manager or HR pro, can take the bare bones performance management form, and modify it for your own specific context. Viewed 210 Times )

Sample Performance Worksheet For A Receptionist

By Robert Bacal - Here's an example of a partially completed performance MANAGEMENT form you can view or download free. See how simple it can be. Viewed 226 Times )

Performance Appraisals That Work - Principles

By Robert Bacal - The title says it all. How to make the appraisal part of management work and create employee and organization improvement in productivity. Viewed 296 Times )

Best Manager Principles - The High Performance Manager

By Robert Bacal - Performance management has to "serve" the players in control of productivity -- the employee AND the manager. In this article we look at how high performance managers use performance management. Viewed 223 Times )

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