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To provide you with the information you need to transform one of the most uncomfortable parts of working life -- the performance appraisal -- into a productive, comfortable and effective tool for improving performance.

Our Site On Performance Management and Appraisal

Over ten years, we have built a reference source -- the largest in the world - that covers all aspects of the performance management process, starting from integrating it into your business strategy, right through to reviewing performance, and then, removing the barriers to effective performance.

There's also help for employees, in addition to advice for managers, executives and human resource professionals.

Our goal is not just to help you SURVIVE employee appraisals, but make them so powerful and effective that you will understand why managing performance is THE essential management tool.

For Managers and Supervisors

You need ways to harness the abilities of employees, while engaging staff. Managing performance is THE way to do it. It's not about appraisals, but about providing meaning and efficiency so you all win.

In a hurry and need to hone your skills at setting goals, conducting the performance review meeting, identifying causes of performance problem or need a checklist of steps? Click here

Makes sure to browse the Frequently Asked Questions about Performance Management here, because you'll probably find the answers you need.


For Employees

You hate them. You're not sure how to get something out of the review process. It all seems pointless. But it's not. We have advice for you about how to prepare for, and excel during reviews, so YOU can improve your performance, and even enhance your career.

Start with the section on employee questions about the review process.

Then don't miss out on Getting The Most From Performance Appraisals For Employees Helpcard - Your complete mini survival guide for performance appraisals.

For Executives

Your job is to lead, and develop strategy. To allow linking each employee's job to the achievement of the goals of the department, and then the entire organization. So, you need to envision what an effective performance management system looks like. Then lead the way to "make it so".

Start by seeing what's possible by reading some of the material in Bacal's articles on the elements of strategy and performance management.

Consider having Robert come to help you get "aimed" at the prize of having a functioning, effective performance management system. (email for details)


For Human Resource Professionals

It's YOUR job to get the appraisal forms done. Even when managers balk. You're tired of playing the appraisal "Mom" and want to revitalize the performance management system.

First, check out our FAQ on the role of HR professionals in creating or revitalizing performance management.

Browse Robert Bacal's libary of articles on what makes performance appraisal work, and not work.

For Everyone

Use the menus on the left side to navigate our library (over 1,000 free resources on all aspects of performance, from 360 feedback to employee engagement and diagnosing problems.
Checkout our question and answer format area, where you'll find most of your performance management inquiries answered.

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Performance Management - A Briefcase Book
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The original best selling book that helps you figure out WHAT to say during, an how to conduct performance reviews. It's NOT just about phrases, but about business and performance strategy.

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