What search terms can I use to find example performance appraisal forms and samples on the Internet?

As we indicated in another Q&A on the subject, you probably don't need to purchase performance appraisals forms to find samples to modify and use in your work. Searching on the Internet is often useful.

To help you out, we've provided a search box you can use, and a set of terms you can use that are most likely to give you the results you want. Of course, you can choose your own search keywords, or modify the ones below to make them more specific to your needs. Some brief instructions are provided below the keywords.

employee review forms
free annual review forms
performance appraisal forms
performance appraisal form
employee performance appraisal form
sample performance appraisal form
performance appraisal form template
sample performance appraisal forms
employee performance appraisal forms
staff performance appraisal form

Search Instructions:

1) Scroll down a bit to the google search box below.
2) BEFORE you search click on the circle beside the word Web, so you'll search the entire Internet
3) Choose a word from the list above and enter it into the search box (you can cut and paste)
4) Click on the search button and you should see a number of items for performance appraisal forms.

Hint: You'll get a much more focused search if you enclose the search terms in quotes. So for example what you put in the search box would look exactly like this: "employee review forms".