What Common Mistakes Are Made When Implementing Performance Management Software?

No matter how good your performance management software is, if the implementation of the software is poor, you can end up with something worse than when you started. So, what are the common performance management software implementation errors and pitfals?

Probably the most common mistake involves not providing enough training to managers and employees about the software. Training needs to go way beyond the simple nuts and bolts of the software (e.g. which buttons to click). Training needs to focus on how to use the software to improve performance, since performance improvement cannot take place via a computer. It's a human process. Training needs to include help about the nuts and bolts, but managers also need to grasp the general process of performance management, its purpose, and how to communicate with employees. Otherwise, the whole thing simply becomes the automated version of the performance management paper shuffle that happens with paper and pencil forms.

Teach people how to do performance management properly, THEN teach them how to use the software. Otherwise it's garbage in and garbage out.